These Special Terms and Conditions below are applicable to The Premier Tender Auction being run in parallel to The Premier Parade in Narita and are supplemental to the Terms and Conditions for The Premier Parade in Narita. Therefore, bidding at this Tender Auction is considered as agreement with our terms and conditions by the bidder. The terms & conditions of The Premier Parade in Narita will be applied in principal for the events which are not specified in the Special Terms & Conditions. The Special Terms & Conditions shall be superior to The Premier Parade in Narita Terms & Conditions if there is any discrepancy. All machines are exhibited in “As is where is” condition supplied Assessment Sheets are for information purposes only.

1. Tender Auction Terms

All listed units have a minimum bid price (Opening Price) and the highest bidder will be the winner. In case of multiple bids with the same price, the winner will be the first bidder. If multiple bids with the same price at same time, the winner will be decided by drawing lots.
Tender bids will be open on 14th (Mon) / Feb / 2022 and close on 17th (Thu) / Feb / 2022 at 17:00pm. The bidder can bid for an unlimited number of times provided that the amount of his new bid exceeds his previous bid amount for the same machine. Once tendered, bids cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.
Bidders can bid by filling out the relevant questions on the Tender Sheet and submitting it by fax or on-line via the THI webpage. After submitting the Tender Sheet by fax or the Internet, THI will verify it with an acceptance stamp and return it to the bidder. Only Tender Sheets with an acceptance stamp are considered as valid. Bids placed through our homepage will be validated by a verification e-mail sent by THI.
The result will be informed to all bidders by FAX or e-mail by the end of close date of the Tender Auction.
The risk and title to the machine will be transferred to the winning bidder (Buyer) after confirming receipt of the full payment amount
In any cases T.H.I. judges the company is not appropriate to deal with T.H.I. has the right to cancel the bids by the company.

2. Payment and Delivery

All payments must reach THI by 28th (Mon) / Feb /2022 via telegraphic transfer.
Please note that all banking charges are the responsibility of the buyer and that Letter of Credit payments cannot be accepted.
The deadline to remove all purchased equipment is 4th (Thu) / Mar /2022.
After that we shall charge a daily storage fee of JPY 500 for per machine and JPY 800 for per truck. For overseas customers wishing to arrange export of their units through THI a daily storage fee of JPY 500 for per machine and JPY 800 for per truck will be charged after 30days from tender auction.

Dec. 2021 T.H.I. Corp.