These Special Terms and Conditions below are applicable to the “24/7 Market” and are supplemental to the Terms and Conditions for the AssetLine Internet Auction. Bidding at the “24/7 Market” is considered as agreement with our terms and conditions by the bidder. The terms & conditions of the AssetLine Internet Auction will be applied in principal for the events which are not specified in the Special Terms & Conditions. The Special Terms & Conditions shall be superior to the AssetLine Internet Auction Terms & Conditions if there is any discrepancy. All machines are exhibited in “As is where is” condition with supplied Assessment Sheets for information purposes only.

This auction is "Tender Style" Internet Auction.
All listed units have different closing time.
All the listed units have "Start Price" which is a minimum bid price and any price lower than the start price is not acceptable. Some of the listed units have “Buy Now Price”. If you bid with “Buy Now Price” the auction will close immediately, and you will be the successful bidder.
Bid may be closed before scheduled time due to the consignor’s circumstances.
The bidder who placed the highest bid above the "Start Price" will be the winner.
In case of multiple bids with the same price, the first bidder will be the winner.
All the listed units will be Ex-Yokohama yard or port yard T.H.I. assigned. (Any logistics costs from the unit location will be covered by the buyer.)
Bids must be placed through our homepage, and will be validated by a verification e-mail sent by T.H.I.

December, 2012