LIGA (Goofee) Information

“Live Internet Goofee Auction” is a live auction held over the internet where bids are accepted by using Goofee-bid from customer’s office or home PC. This system is commonly used at our Video Auction.
You can join this auction from anywhere as long as you can access the internet.
Assetline members who fulfill registration requirements can also participate in this auction.

Introduction to Goofee

How to Participate in the Live Internet Goofee Auction

Prior approval and application are required to join this auction.

STEP1 Registration
Down Arrow Please complete an Auction Registration form and fax it back to the number indicated. image

STEP2 Check in on the Auction Day
Down Arrow Install the system and participate in scheduled trial bids each time to confirm software & certificate upload.

STEP3 Bidding
Down Arrow Log in to Goofee-bid before auction starts.
Check the details on the screen and bid with Goofee-bid.
The unit will be sold to the highest bidder.

STEP4 Payment and Delivery
Following the auction, an invoice will be sent from our accounting department, payment should be made to the account specified by the payment deadline. Once payment receipt has been confirmed units will be available for collection.

Units will be available for collection from the yard as specified in the auction details on our web site. Please note that units are located in various yards across Japan so it is important to check before arranging collection. If you have any questions, please contact our logistics department.

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