The Premier
Parade in Narita

Coming Soon Auction Information

The Premier
Tender in Narita
14th(Mon)~17th(Thu) February

Coming Soon Auction Information

14th(Mon)~24th(Thu) February

Comingsoon Auction Information


Newly added machines! Anytime

Now Open! Auction Information

Auction Schedule

The Premier
Parade in Narita

Parade auction style of machines
at Narita Yard.

Narita 2022/2/16(Wed) Date Confirmed

The Premier
Tender in Narita

Auction style where you can check the units
on display at Narita Yard.

Narita 2022/2/14/(Mon) 12:00 〜17(Thu) 17:00 Date Confirmed

The Premier
Video in Yokohama

Video screen auction held
at the Yokohama head office venue.

Yokohama In Preparation


Auction with units located all over the country. Runs 1 week.

Web 2022/2/14(Mon) 17:00 〜2022/2/24(Thu) 17:00 Coming Soon

24/7 Market
24/7 市場

Full of bargains!
Tender format internet auction.

Web Now Open

World Stock
World Stock List

List of machines for sale overseas.
Open at all times!

Web In Preparation


THIラジオCM NACK5(79.5FM)でオンエア中
毎週金曜 7:04AM 交通情報「Morning Traffic」

About AssetLine is an internet based Auction, specializing in the sale of Used Construction equipment.
Most of the machinery on the website is professionally and comprehensively
assessed enabling buyers to make a secure and informed purchase without an on-site visit.

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