Goofee-bid Instruction

You can participate to Video auction or Parade auction in real time by using internet bidding system, Goofee-bid. ※Advanced registration is required to use Goofee-bid. →To registered Goofee

How to use Goofee-plus

Goofee-bid is a service for THI auction member only. Please contact us if you would like to know more detail.

Goofee-Plus Screen




  • You will see “START” at left side when each lot starts. Click BID button to bid.
  • If your bid is overbid, check the next bid price and bid.

Count down and Winner


  • If you see “You” in the “Top Bidder” box, you are the highest bidder and you have right to win this lot.
  • Please be careful with “Count Down”, if count down is finished, auction is over.

If you success to win


  • If you success to win a lot, you will see “You Win” at left of screen.

Sold to somebody else


  • If a lot sold to somebody else, you will see “SOLD” at left of screen.



  • If there are no bid or the bid price is not reached to reserved price, “Withdrawn” will indicates at left of screen.