Goofee-bid Instruction

You can participate to Video auction or Parade auction in real time by using internet bidding system, Goofee-bid. ※Advanced registration is required to use Goofee-bid. →To registered Goofee

How to login Goofee

Goofee-bid is a service for THI auction member only. Please contact us if you would like to know more detail.

Start using Goofee-bid

You can go to “Parade auction” or “Video auction” information page from our top of the web page.
Click “Internet Bid is here” on the Auction information page.

Goofee-Bid Log-in

Please fill in a log-in form.
  • 1. E-mail address (Mail address you registered to AssetLine))
  • 2. Password (Password you registered to AssetLine)
  • 3. Goofee Password (Test auction: Use common password which indicates on the same page during test, Auction: Goofee password will be informed 2 hours prior to auction by e-mail.)
  • 4.  Tick “I have read the above information and Terms of use”.
  • ※If you mistake to input the data, An error message will be indicates on the page. Please follow the instructions and try again.
  • 5. Click “Click! Goofee”
  • ※If still an error message will indicates, please contact us at below.
  •    Tel:045-508-2000 (T.H.I. Corp.)

Confirm the Goofee screen size

After you log-in to Goofee, check the screen size of “Goofee Plus”.
“Goofee Plus” is the latest Goofee-bid service based on web technology.
If you see all the red box, it’s completed. If you need to adjust size, change the window size or use zoom function. After you adjust the size click “OK”.

Activate Goofee Plus

Screen keeps in a quiescent until an auction starts or until next lot if you login during auction is ongoing.

How to use Goofee-plus